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You can bring any black rifle questions you have to us. Not only do we have a "Black Rifle" specialist on staff, but we also specialize in anything and everything regarding ARs or AKs. Come see what we can do for you!

You don't need to be scared off by all the rifle talk. We have two NRA-certified instructors who will be happy to handle any shotgun or pistol-related issues. This includes Saiga shotgun conversions to comply with the law.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staffers love guns and are always happy to assist you. Whether you are new to shooting or a seasoned veteran, let us match you up with the perfect firearm to suit your hobbies!




Tactical rifle specialists

You will find our experts to be  courteous and helpful. From "Black Rifle" issues to Saiga shotgun conversions, our NRA-certified instructors will take care

of your needs!

Experts galore on staff!

Shotguns and pistols

We aim to please!

Check out our rifles Shotguns and pistols Contact us today! We've got you covered! Someone shooting a rifle Someone shooting a shotgun Box-test

We are a Glock stocking dealer and specialize in Glock parts and acessories.

We also have Glock armors on hand at all times.


If you are looking for a specific gun and not sure what it is in our inventory from our distributors, click on the following link and you can look, order, and post a deposit to secure your next purchase: www.galleryofguns.com